Art Happens


Art Happens is a show based out of Central Ontario, featuring artists across the region showcasing their skills, passions, and joys as artists. Art of all types are featured on the show: ranging from music and drama to even illusions and fine art. 

Art Happens has been airing to YouTube and, just recently, Facebook in its two seasons of existence. Season 1 aired straight-to-YouTube and was a sit-down, interview-style show from our Collingwood studio. Host Damian Spaulding dug deep into the mind of featured artists and learned about all the different forms of art in our area. 

Season 2 saw a revamping of the show in a new way. With host Khaleel Gandhi, Art Happens features shortened to 7-10 minutes and now air directly to Facebook in addition to YouTube. Leveraging the Spaulding School Of The Arts's reach for maximum exposure, new episodes are released on an on-demand basis. The show now adopts an interactive, engaging, on-site format where the crew travels on-location to wherever the art is happening. With skits, interviews, performances, and even interactive activity segments all wrapped up in the new format, it is the ideal way to showcase the art happening in your area!

If you would like a feature on our show, simply contact us. Previous shows can be viewed on our website, Facebook (@ArtHappensTV) or directly through YouTube. 

Thank you for being an active part of our arts community!