Art Happens


For decades, there has been need for a dedicated show in Central Ontario featuring arts. There are countless happenings and excellent artists that deserve great exposure, but until now, not much has been done to facilitate this need.

Art Happens now works to fulfill this need. Originated by Damian Spaulding by leveraging Community Access Television, Art Happens is taking things to a whole new level.

Our show premiere launched in March 2015, and the team strove to showcase artists of all different types from across the South Georgian Bay Region. With a sit-down, interview style show with performances in-between where necessary, these episodes aired straight to YouTube, allowing the team to be flexible in how each show was shot. Running from March until August, the show dove deep into the minds of all sorts of different artists and shared countless stories across our platforms to showcase the outstanding talent that exists in the region. 

After a brief hiatus in 2016, the Spaulding School of Production's Executive Director, Khaleel Gandhi, strove to re-launch the show in a new format. His new philosophy was to leverage the increasing influence that social media platforms, particularly Facebook, has had for the School in general and the community as a whole. Designing a shorter, more engaging, on-site feature, Khaleel and the team re-designed the look of the show for Season 2 and launched in May 2017. Now airing on Facebook as well as YouTube, artists get much more exposure across different platforms and the fun, bouncy nature of the new show allows for all sorts of different activities since the crew can travel on-site to your location. We are now airing episodes in 2017 by an on-demand basis instead of a structured weekly airing. 

We are very proud to bring you Art Happens and we look forward many more great episodes as we generate a new "movement" for the arts in the area.