Art Happens


As the show is a division of the Spaulding School Of Production, our Production Crew comes from the School and mixes a team of professionals as well as upcoming professionals in the production industry. With this crew we aim to become a trend setting experience in Facebook and YouTube production.

Here are some of the members of the crew:

Damian Spaulding

Season 1: Host & General Producer

Season 2: Executive Producer
Director and Visionary of the Spaulding School Of The Arts, past host of Georgian Bay Arts (on Rogers TV) and founder of Soundscape Productions, Damian Spaulding has a well established production background. In Season 1, Damian was responsibile for producing the show and was the principal host for all the interview segments. In Season 2, as the Spaulding School of Production takes flight, Damian acts as an Executive Producer, giving the final nod on all the episodes that are released.

Khaleel Gandhi

Season 1: General Director

Season 2: General Director, Production Director & Host
Khaleel acts as the center point of Art Happens.In essence the show would not flow without him. Khaleel act as the main production supervisor / general director of Art Happens as well as the community liaison for Art Happens. He interfaces with all of the artists and sees to all of the finer details of the show. In Season 1, his principal duties were supervising the show and crew while interfacing with artists, but in Season 2 he became the host of the show as well as the production director for all on-site shoots, supervising the flow of production and becoming the new on-camera personality. 

Jayson Roberts

Season 2: Assistant Director & Production Crew
Jayson joined the Art Happens team for Season 2. Jayson is the Assistant Director of the show, helping Khaleel Gandhi supervise the crew and aspects of the on-site production. He also acts as a camera man and audio technician for performances where needed. He's also the man behind the new theme song for the show, too! 

Alex Levesque

Season 2: Audio Crew Member & Promotional Photography
Alex comes from an audio production background. Having worked many live stage events through the Spaulding Open Mics and Concert on Camp Hill, his expertise in the audio world is an invaluable asset to the team. Through his photography, Polar Arts Photography, he also contributes to some of the promotional materials for our social media pages. 

Tiffany Scott

Season 2: Video Crew Member
An aspiring video production guru, Tiffany is currently preparing to pursue post-secondary education in the media and production industry. However, while she continues to work and contribute to the production team, she acts as a camera person for on-site shoots. 

Brian Backland

Season 1: Production Director
Brian comes from a strong technical background in computing, video and still production.  Brian and his partnering company Backland Photography was the main video production liaison for Art Happens during Season 1. The first season show would not be possible without his generous contribution to our success.

Darrin Peterkin

Season 1: Audio Producer
Darrin is a talented Audio Production Professional and all audio mastering for Season 1 of Art Happens was done by him. Darrin own and operates a recording studio named Signal Studio where all of this work is performed. He has moved to Montreal as of late so is not able to actively contribute to the show but his investment of recording studio equipment at the Spaulding School of Production is a large reason behind the success of the show. 
Leia Comegna

Season 1: Production Assistant
Leia Comegna was a part of the team during Season 1, when she was preparing to pursue media and broadcast production in post-secondary university, and was a strong asset in seeing to the finer details of the show and artist interfacing. She is now studying at Ryerson University and we look forward to having her join the team in the future soon enough!

Jennifer Hartford

Season 1: Marketing & Social Media Assistant
During Season 1, Jen was the main communications professional for Arts Happens.  She regularly contributed to all of our social media pages as well as facilitated the production of Arts Happens however and whenever possible.

Lisa Spaulding

Season 1: Voice-Over Actress
The voice behind the credits.  Ever wonder who speaks the famous "Art Happens has been brought to you by" line in our closing credits.  Well Lisa is the lady!