Art Happens

About Art Happens

Shot in many different areas around South Georgian Bay - Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Barrie and Orillia - and even out to the GTA - Art Happens has developed a team of professionals to bring you what we aim to be the best in video production in Central Ontario.  

Art Happens is a show based out of Central Ontario that is your one-stop shop for everything in the arts. Featuring music, drama, poetry, fine art, cuisine, dance, and so much more, featured artists range from upcoming artists, to international talents. 

In Season 1, host Damian Spaulding dug deep into the mind, heart and life of artists in our region, exposing the inner-workings of artistry and reveals to a broad audience what it is like when #ArtHappens in our midst. 

In (the current) Season 2, new host Khaleel Gandhi explores the different areas within Southern Georgian Bay. Transforming from the traditional "sit-down interview" style, Art Happens now goes on-site to any location within South Georgian Bay and even the GTA. With shorter, 7-10 minute segments, interactive activities, performances, and interviews, the show has taken a new height!

Art Happens was originally conceptualized by Damian Spauliding and thanks to the dynamic Art Happens crew, this new vehicle of exposing artists in our community has become a reality. This conceptualization was taken by Khaleel Gandhi for Season 2 and re-vamped into the current format of the show that airs on our Facebook and YouTube pages.